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Eileen Setiawan
11 April 1988
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Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 2500990
Date Created:2004-03-13
Number of Posts: 52

When placing this card on the field, the opponent will scream profanity, run around like a mad chicken, and finally, when the user has become sick of the opposition's fruitless attempt to avoid the card, their head will implode, followed by an explosion. All in good fun I say!
Strengths: Has the ability to drive anyone insane, including friends, family and annoying pixies.
Weaknesses: She can also drive herself insane. Beware these dark times...
Special Skills: Induces Insanity, Mad ass-kicking skills, devious plottings against certain individuals, spontaneous mouth-combustion
Weapons: My intellect, my butt-kicking skills, and my ability to lull my opponent into a false sense of security.
Dark Side: I have seen the dark side of the Force!! Beware!!

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{ persona }: H-san, Hinata-chan (and any similar strings), Ai-Ai, Ei-chan

{ lifespan }: 18 years of age

{ inner child }: 10 years of age

{ likes }: ~anime ~reading ~drawing ~family ~friends ~karate ~compliments ~constructive criticism ~new experiences

{ dislikes }: ~insects ~those who hate for no reason ~racists and sexists ~flaming ~headaches

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